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Fresh organic permeate free milk

From New Zealand, the world’s leading exporter of dairy products, comes fresh certified organic permeate free fresh milk.

Sourced entirely from cows grazing  year round on organic grass – it doesn’t get any better than this. Unlike other brands in the market our product does not undergo ESL (extra shelf life) treatment, so fresh really does mean fresh.

AND for the first time in Asia this milk is “permeate free”.

Common industry practice is to remove the permeate (milk solids) during processing and then store it and add back in at required times to regulate taste, fat, and protein levels.

Not our milk – what’s milked from the cows that day is what goes in the bottle that day.

Taste the difference, milk as it should be…


Free range organic eggs

Organic eggs with a difference!

Because of FRENZ unique and organic natural grain diet and the assurance that FRENZ hens have unrestricted access to spray free NZ green pasture, our customers and their families can enjoy the added benefits that FRENZ hens add to each egg they lay:

  • Higher Natural Protein,
  • Higher Omega 3’s
  • Less saturated fat

Each egg is also carefully cleaned and made “Kitchen Safe” before packing so that handling eggs in the kitchen where food is made to be eaten raw becomes a safe and enjoyable experience.

In a world where the overuse of antibiotics and chemicals are all around us and our families it is good to know that when you eat FRENZ organic eggs you are only eating natural goodness with all the added benefits that nature intended.

Go with the one that is out in the sun.

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